Best Cell Phone Holder

Best holders for phones in the car

Review of different holders for phones in the car, which I tried to use. If you are looking for a cell phone holder in your car, it makes sense to read the review to find out about some of the available options on the market.

The first cell phone holder.

The cell phone holder is made of black glossy plastic, which looks very cheap and instantly covered with small scratches. In front of him is a detachable part made of transparent plastic. It seems implicit that people will insert a favorite photo/picture under it. The phone is put in the holder, after which the latter is compressed by the fingers from the sides until the phone is fixed. Phone on the sides of the holder is not scratched. the latter there is attached a thick foam (I do not know what else to call this material). Alas, it is glued to something resembling a double-sided adhesive tape and does not hold well, because of this one day the phone fell off along with the foam rubber from the holder while driving.

To disconnect the phone, you need to press the button located on the back, which is not visible, after which the side mounts slowly move to the sides. Those. Disconnect the phone is not very convenient. But in principle, put the phone in the holder and detach it with one hand.

The phone in the holder is attached to the sides, so the phone controls located on the sides are not accessible or hard-accessible.

The cell phone holder can be fixed to a phone with a width of up to 75 mm (but preferably no more than 70 mm): The rod at the holder is long, as much as 160 mm. Inside is an easily bending metal rod (under the weight of the phone does not bend):

On the one hand, it is convenient because to fix the holder it is possible anywhere on the glass and to bend the bar as you like, on the other - because of the large shoulder the phone is strongly swinging during the movement and can peel off. Therefore, it is better to place the holder so that it rests on the torpedo hull or barbell. I did this. As a result, the suction cup from my glass did not flinch even once during the entire operation (months 8).

Best Cell Phone-Holder

The bar is detached from the holder itself, although for what it may be required (other than transportation) I do not know. The holder discretely rotates and does so with a sufficiently large step. Those. at some position of the sucker it can turn out so that in one position the phone is deflected from the vertical counterclockwise, and when you turn it by one click clockwise it is inclined already clockwise.

The sucker is made of ordinary transparent material. We endured our (Australian) summer in the sun. Although withstood - not quite the right word. It did not melt, did not flow, and did not splinter off (with the support of the barbell about the torpedo). However, when the holder was detached, it turned out that the sucker was stretched out and no longer holds the whole structure well on the glass.

The second cell phone holder

Very simple cell phone holder, which has only one ball joint for adjustment. The cell phone holder is made of black matte plastic. There are no fingerprints and scratches on it.

In the places of contact of the holder with the phone are rubber gaskets (they are glued to one holder is not very smooth). The holder has a very small distance to the sucker. Because of this, it can not be used if the machine's glass has a very large angle from the vertical: The head of the holder is attached to the rod with a ball joint, which allows you to rotate the phone without discreteness, but tightening is very inconvenient. Somewhat confuses the thickness of the bar near the hinge, although for phones weighing not more than 150 g this should not be a problem.

Also, by virtue of its design (fixing the phone at corners), this handset can be installed phones with a width of only 45 to 65 mm (on the seller's page it is written that up to 70 mm, but this is not entirely true, much depends on the shape of the corners of the phone ). Perhaps there are similar holders under the big width of the phone. The maximum height of the phone cannot exceed 135 mm: The holder must be adjusted once for a specific phone. This is done very simply: you have to press the Push button and maximally push the vertical bar up. After that, you need to put the phone in the holder and slide the bar back with your finger until it rests on the phone. In general, 3 seconds with one hand.

After that, the phone can be put and removed with one hand; while doing this is very convenient and no buttons should be pressed (the vertical bar is just slightly bent by the thumb over the upper petal).

The sucker of this holder made me very impressed. It differs from all the kogda I have seen or suckers. It is made not of transparent soft plastic, but of something like raw rubber. It sticks to the glass so that it can be problematic to tear it off with one finger by the petal. It also sticks to the textured torpedo without problems.

This holder I really liked that the phone is mounted in the corners at the bottom + from the top. All controls of our phones (Sony Xperia Z1 compact and Nokia 720) are available without any problems. As a result, I ordered one more such holder for the second machine, for me it was the most convenient. I recommend (if it fits in size).

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