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Best Basement Humidifier – Factors to Consider While Choosing Best Humidifier for Your Basement

No doubt that dehumidifiers are helpful to improve air quality of our homes by reducing amount of moisture in air. If you are familiar with term allergens, you know highly moist environments are host to mildew and mold growth.

Moreover, dehumidifier for a basement is useful to eliminate moisture loving dust mites which can trigger allergies that may become reason of stuffy nose, sneezing and itchy eyes.

However not all the dehumidifiers are same, some are best for basement as compared to other. This article will help you to pick right dehumidifier for basement, based on space, personal preferences and other needs. Here are the factors to be considered before selecting a dehumidifier.

Room Size

Usually, basement dehumidifiers are classified by covered area. You have to choose dehumidifier with coverage which closely alighs with the size of your basement. Determining area of you need to dehumidify, ensure to measure entire are, crawlspaces, stairways, and closest as well.

Usually you can get a size which allow you to install single model which covers entire basement. For smaller coverage area, you can double or even triple up on a dehumidifier unit. It is best to add one dehumidifier to every room for maximum performance.


Another important thing to consider is some firms use cubic feet instead of square feet to measure area. Install a 50 – 70 pint dehumidifier in every room of basement. Areas with lower airflow levels may need larger size or 2 dehumidifiers in each room.

Dampness Level

While choosing appropriate dehumidifier for basement, also consider how much damp is the space. Is there slight musty odor yet minimal moisture on wall and floor. Then you have to go with a unit that coordinates with square footage. But, if you are dealing with highly moist areas and have observed water buildup on floors or can your clothing feel wet when touched, then you might need to choose model for larger space to double the performance.

Portable versus Whole House Dehumidifiers

In situations and climates where extreme and controllable moisture is problem, investing in whole house dehumidifier is better. Unlike portable units, whole-house units offer automatic control on humidity level across the home. They are 4 times more energy efficient as compared to portable ones, however comes at high up-front cost. But if you consider their upfront cost and compare it is with monthly running cost, you will be happy to recover your investment in couple of months.

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