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Herbs can be consumed directly or made into teas and tinctures, or by supplements can protect us against infections and as well as cure us from infections and other diseases. Here are 5 choices of herbs that help boost the immune system;


Garlic, botanically termed as Allium Sativa has been used throughout history as an antibiotic. It also boosts all other antioxidant activities in the human body. Garlic’s broad antimicrobial spectrum integrates antifungal, antiparasitic, anti-protozoan and antiviral properties.


The best source for Cat’s Claw is Peru. Its deficiency in the body is potentially poisonous. In recent studies, Cat’ claw is found to have anti-cancer attributes that can be added to natural cancer therapies.


The healing properties of clove go beyond its popular use as a pain reliever for pain in gums and teeth. It is antibiotic, anti-viral and as well as anti-fungal and can handle some bacterial strains that medical antibiotics can’t even touch. Clove is the main component of the legendary 4 Thieves oil that helped some survivor of the great medieval plague in Europe.


Oregano especially wild Mediterranean mountain one is considered as an essential oil. It fights a wide range of pathogenic microbes. When combined with clove bud oil, it also helps to fight with candida overgrowth


Also known as Sambucas Nigra, elderberry is a natural treatment for cold and flu. Commercially it found as tinctures and syrups. It is far effective than pharmaceuticals like Tamiflu because it has no side effects and indeed it is not that expensive. You can prepare your tincture at a very low cost and it can be preserved for a more extended period.

These are five herbs that can easily be found in any country at a very low price. You can use these herbs according to your health conditions in conjunction with each other and many other herbs.


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