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4 Common Kinds of Commercial Air Filters

Air filters are designed to work with proper removal of dust, dirt and all the types of tiny particles found in air. For the last ten years, air-filtration manufacturing business has been quite innovative and industrialists have twisted latest products in the market which are not just more effective than ever before but also very much affordable for everyone. The competition among the giants of air filtration manufacturing industry has resulted into lower prices for the equipment and lower cost of the installation and both of these factors have brought great comfort for the common consumers. Basically there are just 4 main types of air filters for commercial use.

1 – HEPA Filters

So far the most effective equipment are considered to be the filters with high efficiently particulate absorbing features which are commonly called as HEPA device that has been proven to be passing air at an extremely fine scaling system which refine the air. The HEPA filters are also used by the Energy department of United States because of its high filtering capability.

2 – Washable Air

This type of filters are considered to be the least common type in the market these days and mostly these are utilized by the industries for different types of applications. The filtrating capability is dogged by the quantity of dust stacked along with cloth. These are not very common but they are still use by certain industries.

3 – Fiberglass

The third type of commercial filter is called fiberglass and in fact, it can be considered to be the most common filter available at the markets of United Kingdom and United States. The off-the-cuff air strainer is made from covered fiberglass fragments which have been laid in such a way that each fragment comes over the other for making filter stream. The fibers are typically strengthened with metallic gruff to avert failure or letdown.

4 – Polyester & Pleated 

This is the fourth type of filter and it is quite similar to the above mentioned type but when you look at its ability to stop dust, you will find that it is much more superior to the other type. Moreover, it also has extremely powerful resistance again airflow which helps it keep the air clean and fresh.

The above mentioned are the most common kinds of filters for commercial purposes. You can get more information about all the popular filter types at


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