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What are the Common Kitchen Design Mistakes?

Kitchen design is a very important area of home design as the kitchen is a significant part of any home. Designing a kitchen can be an exciting experience and homeowners tend to make mistakes in their excitement. Careful planning and measurements can help you in avoiding these kitchen design mistakes. Some common mistakes that homeowners make when designing or redesigning their kitchen are discussed below.


One of the biggest mistakes in kitchen design is incorrect layout. A kitchen is a busy place and thus its layout should allow smooth flow of traffic in and out of the kitchen. The stove and the sink should have unobstructed access. However, narrow doorways and wrongly placed islands may obstruct access to these areas.  Therefore, you should be very careful when designing kitchen layout so that the traffic pattern leads to maximum functionality.


Inaccurate measurement is a very common mistake in kitchen design which can cost you a lot of money. Moreover, incorrect measurements can cause several other problems as well. For example, if you do not take correct measurements, then the cabinets, sink, stove and kitchen appliances might not fit right. Therefore, you must make sure that your kitchen design and remodeling contractors have performed satisfactory work in the past before signing a contract with them.

Material Choice

Homeowners tend to make mistakes when selecting materials for countertops, flooring and ceiling in a kitchen. This is a big mistake in kitchen design. Homeowners might buy cheap material for countertops which might not be very durable. Therefore to avoid replacing countertops very often, make sure that the material you buy is durable and does not require a lot of maintenance. This is also true for ceiling and flooring. You should also get skid proof flooring for your kitchen.

Lack of Countertops

Another kitchen design mistake is lack of countertops. A good kitchen design should have functional and durable countertops. When planning your kitchen you must make sure that there is sufficient workspace to allow you to do your work easily. Decide where a specific task is to be performed when planning the layout of your kitchen. This will help you avoid the problems caused by lack of countertops.

Insufficient Lighting

An effective kitchen design must have sufficient lighting for performing a particular task. Insufficient lighting can make it very difficult to work in the kitchen. Evaluate the work area and specify the places where particular tasks will be performed. You should have accent lighting, task lighting and illuminated lighting in your kitchen. Natural light is also very important in a good kitchen design. Moreover, there should be dedicated lighting around the stove and the sink.

Improper Ventilation

Some homeowners do not make provisions for proper ventilation which leads to a lot of heat and odor in the house. To improve the air quality in your home, you must consider ventilation in your kitchen design. This will not only remove the heat and odor, but will also increase the life of your kitchen appliances as excessive heat can shorten the life of the refrigerator and microwave oven.

Too Big Island

A too big island can lead to obstruction of traffic around the kitchen. You might not be able to access the sink or stove if your kitchen island is too big. Therefore, island size should be considered when designing a kitchen as a too big island will reduce the functionality of your kitchen design. You can also use an island for a stove or a sink.

Insufficient Storage

This is another problem in kitchen design. Homeowners sometimes do not properly use the storage space in their kitchen. Kitchen cabinets are very important in kitchen design. Therefore, you must determine the width and height of storage cabinets when planning your kitchen. Your kitchen design must also include proper access to the storage area.

Kitchen design is the most important aspect of home interior design. If these mistakes are avoided, you can have an attractive and functional interior design. For further information about kitchen renovation for home improvement, visit Omni Home Ideas's YouTube Channel. For more related information click here.


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