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Eye Floaters

I have the three words to describe eye floaters. Annoying Annoying Annoying! Although not many people have severe problems with floaters, the people that do can probably relate to my situation. Allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Maria, and for about 10 years now, I’ve been suffering from these so-called eye floaters. Whenever I try to enjoy myself by staring into some beautiful scenery, I always see these annoying, translucent, and web-like floaters in the eye.

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Over the years I’ve suffered with them, I have listened to many rumors about how they formed in my eyes. Of course, all of which I heard was just uneducated speculation, but that’s not the main point. The main point is not about how these floaters came to my eyes, but the main point is how to get rid of floaters in the eye. I’m not one to usually complain about trivial things, but honestly, spots in vision are a growing problem from people of older ages.


Long story short, I’ve read countless books, and I’ve done tedious and rigorous internet research on this topic. The one book that ended up helping me to get rid of my black spots in vision was called, Eye Floaters No More. The eBook is exceedingly comprehensive because it goes over literally everything an average person with floaters in the eye, needs to know. It depicts how they form and provides surgical and non-surgical remedies. Of course, I was slightly skeptical about some of these remedies, but again, I did extensive research on this eBook. As it turns out, there are myriads of eye floaters no more reviews and testimonials from favorite bloggers.  So mostly, if you want to get rid of your eye floaters, then I highly suggest you at least check out this eBook called, Eye Floaters No More, by clicking here. If you follow all of the suggestions, you will literally see through different AND CLEARER eyes.

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  1. A sudden and drastic increase in floaters would be an eye emergency and you would need to see an opthalmologist within 24 hours. (Because a torn retina may cause a sudden and drastic increase in floaters, which would lead to losing sight permanently in that eye if not treated. But a GRADUAL increase in floaters would not be anything to worry about. (Gradual increase in floaters comes with age.) I’ve experienced both (the gradual kind and the emergency sudden kind). If you are not sure, go see your opthalmologist. It’s not worth the risk of permanently losing your sight.

  2. I have read this book. There is only one cure for floaters———that I found in this book. Nothing else works for floaters. I have tried all and even know 1000s of people who have tried many things. This book is also good to learn precautions and safety measures of eye………..Period.

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