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Starter Kit For Manicure Master

The manicure master is a very popular profession. Many have mastered it at least for themselves, but very often then it becomes a source of income. Despite its external simplicity, it is quite a serious profession, requiring constant capital investments to remain in the trend. So, where do you start, what should you buy first? It is clear that a variety of colors and decor for the design of nails is a gain, but there is a minimum list of items without which the work of the master of manicure is impossible.

Consider the basic set for manicure and gel-varnish coating, proceeding from the steps of the master's actions, so that it was easier and nothing was lost.

The procedure for manicure begins with bringing the nails in order. To do this, you need to remove the cuticle, prepare the nail plate and give it the right shape. Here, the choice of tools depends on whether we do hardware manicure or manual. For hardware manicure we will need special equipment and milling cutters of different types.

Tools For Manual Manicure:

  • Nail Scissors
  • Cuticle Scissors
  • Sheaths
  • Pusher For The Cuticle
  • Orange Sticks For Cuticles
  • Nail files for grinding the nail plate and shaping
  • A Brush For Dust Removal

This is the minimum list, without which simply do not make a good manual manicure.

With manual manicure, first we bring the cuticle in order, so that it does not interfere with the adhesion of the coating with the nail plate. Most often it is pushed back and cut. But now many masters use only orange sticks, pushing the cuticle and not cutting it.

Nail shaping is a separate topic, there is no need to dwell, it all depends on the wishes of the client. To do this, you need a file of different shapes and stiffness. A variety of materials widely: ceramics, glass, metal, plastic. You just need to help and determine what is more convenient in the work.

It is necessary to remember first of all about the rigidity of the nail file, because you need to vary this indicator depending on the purpose. For example, the hardest files with an index of up to 1200 grit are used for polishing the nail plate, and the least hard ones - up to 200 grit - are suitable only for working with accreted nails. Optimum to have in a set of a nail file rigidity 200-400 grit for giving to nails of the form and more rigid for polishing of a nail plate. If there is a need, then buy and less rigid for brittle and accreted nails.Visit out twitter profile for more home nail salon kit 

Of course, do not forget about the buff. It is necessary both for polishing the nail plate before the first procedure, and when removing the coating. Do not forget that when filing is a lot of dust and in order to remove it, there are special hard enough brushes. They remove most of the nail dust, which helps to avoid getting particles under the coating.

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