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The best gaming mouse

Do you play an incredibly draughty shooter, where every second is filled with action, or in RPG, where the right strategy will lead to victory? Or maybe you are a fan of MOBA games and are ready to destroy the opponent with your unconquerable strategy? This is not important, because each of the games requires the gamer good reaction and skill.

The modern gaming industry provides the player with an incredibly wide range of different games: from a variety of arcades to an unimaginably large open world, completely transferring into his universe. And, undoubtedly, to plunge into this world, the player will need not only the game itself, but also worthy iron. Understand this is quite difficult, because the choice of video card, processor, keyboard and many other components depends on various factors, which can not always be taken into account. Everyone in his own way solves this issue. Someone turns to a more experienced friend for advice, someone searches for information on the Internet, and some simply go to the store and, having learned the necessary information from the consultant, acquire a powerful "iron horse", not burdening themselves with thoughts of a unique assembly. However, unlike the same video card, there is one in the system, the choice of which can not be neglected. Mouse - an instrument of power and power gamer in the game space. Many people do not pay proper attention to her choice, and by bringing home the wireless compact baby, they are disappointed in how recklessly it was to take it for fast and active games,

As you already understood, today we will find out how to choose a gamer mouse and which of them are considered the best.

First of all it is necessary to say that each mouse, the best of its kind, will be indicated in the appropriate classification. After all, you can not compare the "Bell" and "Snow White", figuring out that the best horror film is from them.

Mouse for MMORPG

The industry of this genre is developing incredibly fast and, in addition to all the famous titans RPG games World of Warcraft, there is an incredible number of other creations of this genre, many of which are preparing to compete with him for popularity. In the world of orcs and elves, vampires and werewolves, dwarves and other fantasy creatures, one always needs to remain alert and ready for battle. Let the accuracy of the sight and the speed of reaction here to anything, but the convenience of using the mouse will be very handy during hours of raids and travels in the dungeons, and many mouse buttons will help simplify the cast of some spells.

Razer Naga

The best choice in this field. A large number of mouse buttons gives the player the opportunity to bind them to the required spells and be ready to react to any unexpected attack. Buttons are located in convenient places and you can easily reach them with your thumb, without worrying about the fact that the button accidentally clicks by itself. The mouse can easily be tuned to a frequency of 1000 Hz so that the delay is almost not felt, and the mouse will become your virtual hand. More detailed plunge into the sphere of mice for MMOs you can in our article review the best mice for MMORPG.

Mouse for the Shooter

If the genre of RPG can still survive, not having the coolest mouse, in shooters mouse choice is of prime importance. In the choice of the mouse for this genre, you should abandon the pile of buttons and focus on other things: a properly sized mouse, high DPI and, finally, a comfortable mouse position in the hand. Among the many contenders for the role of the best mouse for shooters is to highlight the Corsair Vengeance M65.

Corsair Vengeance M65

This girl has eight buttons, and one unique, very important for any sniper key, capable of slowing DPI and aiming as accurately as possible. Also this model consists of several girakes, adjusting which you can adjust the mouse directly under you. For a gamer, this mouse will not only become a weapon, but an indispensable ally in any game.

Mouse for Strategies (RTS)

Real-time strategy (RTS) means that for the management of numerous units we need something precise and fast, something qualitative and elegant. Buttons to us to anything, so they should be forgotten. Here we need only constant control and a mouse capable of giving it to us.

Razer DeathAdder

The main favorite of the title "Best RTS mouse". Razer show a decent result, spreading on the market the best models of gaming mice for different categories of games. In this mouse there is nothing superfluous: a smooth surface and nice material - just what the land master needs. Undoubtedly, this mouse is ready to become a scepter of power in the hands of its owner. If you need more information about gaming mouse so feel free check this out: g402

Best g402 mouse


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