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Important Reasons to Choose LED Recessed Lights


Swapping traditional halogen lights for LED bathroom recessed lights is the simplest way to go green in the bathroom. Here I will give you some useful information on the numerous benefits of these high-tech products. Those who would like to make dramatic changes in their home should definitely think of investing in these revolutionary lighting options. Eco-friendly lights can last as long as 50,000 to 100,000 hours and don’t emit ultraviolet and infrared radiation.

Those who are in the planning phase of building a modern and functional bathroom should also think of investing in LED bathroom recessed lighting solutions. Professional electricians separate the bathroom into different zones and the suitable lighting products should be selected according to these zones.

Zone 0

It refers to the area near the shower, whirlpool baths and traditional bathtubs. In this case, the LED bathroom lighting spot lights and bulbs should have an IP68 rating, and fittings should be 12 volt and the switch must be installed outside the wet zone.

Zone 1

It refers to the area with 2.25 m above the bath. In this case, LED bathroom lighting products should be waterproof and have a rating of IP44 to IP65.

Zone 2

It is outside the shower and bath with at least 2.25m. In this case, the LED bathroom lighting products should have an IP44 rating.

Zone 3

It is actually outside the perimeter of all these zones, in this case, the lighting products can have a lower IP rating.

With LED bathroom recessed lights, you can save tremendous amount of energy. It is also well-known that LED lens directs the light to various areas more efficiently. The fittings of LED bathroom lights are manufactured from 85% recycled aluminum and unlike fluorescent lamps, these products don’t contain mercury and other harmful ingredients.

LED bathroom lighting options have brought a new revolution in the modern technology. Firstly, it is important to secure the best lighting conditions around the mirror. In order to have perfect visibility while styling your hair, applying make-up and completing daily grooming session, it is important to place LED bathroom recessed lights products on both sides of the mirror.

Wall lighting is another important subject when it comes to using LED bathroom lights to decorate this area or guarantee the appropriate lighting conditions. Sconces and incorporated spot lights are the perfect solution to create a fabulous atmosphere in bathroom. For a romantic ambiance, it is highly recommended to invest in LED bathroom recessed lights.

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Ceiling lighting is also important when you are planning to offer a modern vibe to your bathroom. LED bathroom recessed lights vary according to the preferences of customers. Flush ceiling fittings, chandeliers, shower lighting and simple sconces work magic in this area. You should choose color and design to complement the color of walls, sink, toilet and shelves and create a harmonious and artsy visual effect.For the best lighting companies in Dubai, visit

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