Do not know what to give to a friend for a holiday? Perfume set is the perfect solution for any gift.

When you buying perfume, you need to consider a bouquet of fragrances, the preferences of a friend, whom you will give perfume, and the composition of the gift set.

What kind of fragrance can I choose as a gift to my girlfriend
There are four basic types of flavors:


Floral and Citrus Flavors
Flavors with floral and citrus notes are suitable for a playful image and a date, for it is the sweet scents that most attract men. If your girlfriend prefers sweet smells, pay attention to the scented water with notes of rose, tangerine, winter lemon, jasmine, vanilla and honey. A successful combination - toilet water and perfumed body lotion. Balsam or lotion emphasizes, creating a trail of sexuality around the woman.

Berry flavor
Berry fragrances are suitable for the evening image. Pay attention to the aromas with notes of apple, black currant, iris, linden and poppy. The perfect combination for a gift - perfume water, body lotion and shower gel.

Woody fragrance
Wood perfumes are suitable for everyday use. Flavors with notes of amber, hibiscus, musk and sandalwood add confidence to women. Shower gel and body lotion are a good addition to the basic gift.

When handing the gift, tell your friend about the rules of applying perfumery. should be sprayed into the air, and then enter into this haze. Thus, the aroma is evenly spread throughout the body, and will not cause irritation to others because of the strong concentration. Spirits must be applied to the wrists, behind the ears, under the arm, on the hair and the back of the head. 1-2 drops is enough to keep the fragrance all day long.

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