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Positive Parenting Solutions Review

One of the most frequent doubts in both parents and educators is how to set limits on children! And it is that from one generation to another, we have gone from total authoritarianism: ‘You do it because I tell you’ to an excess of permissiveness, perhaps due to confusing the affection and attention. That's why today I want to talk to you about positive parenting solutions and offer you the tools to establish limits without authoritarianism.

Respectful parenting is not without limits, and yes, it is true that many parents have problems when setting standards at home for not wanting to impose their criteria and avoid an authoritarian educational model, however, this can be negative because putting limits could fall into permissiveness. So let’s see how to get the little ones to collaborate without resorting to blackmail, shouting or arguing!

Positive parenting is a methodology that aims to offer parents and educators educational strategies to be kind and firm at the same time so that any child can feel that belongs to the family and have self-discipline without losing dignity or respect. It based on mutual respect and collaboration, all with the intention of teaching the basic child skills for life.

Positive parenting seeks to understand the behaviour of children and guides to know how to approach their attitude to guide them on their way always in a positive and emotional, but firm and respectful direction for both the child and the adult.

It based on communication, love, understanding and empathy so that both parties can enjoy family relationships and provide tools to parents to understand the behaviour of their children and redirect it with respect, without power struggles.

Principles of Positive Parenting Solution

  • It is kind and firm at the same time.
  • It helps children feel important.
  • It is useful in the long term.
  • It teaches valuable life skills.
  • It helps children develop their abilities and be aware of them.

You can set limits being respectful and affectionate with the kids. What's more, with positive parenting, you will be providing tools to lead a balanced life. Remember that respect begins with oneself. A child can only optimise his development to the maximum with sensitive, constant, affectionate and committed parents.

It is essential that the limits we mark are always according to the age of the child, and this will make him aware of his role in the tasks of his home and feel part of the family group, which will make him gain security and self-esteem.

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