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Humidity is the most important parameter determining the comfort and well-being of a person. In the urban environment, the humidity level in the premises is far from the minimum standards, which leads us to the need to use various devices to increase the humidity and hygiene of the air.

In the modern world, an air humidifier has become an equally important element of home appliances, like a microwave oven or a washing machine. Especially it is relevant in our climate zone, where the negative effects of air dryness can be especially acute in the winter. Due to the constant warming up of the room, the air becomes dry - and an uncomfortable atmosphere is created.

With this problem you will be helped by humidifiers-air purifiers. The importance of this device should not be underestimated. Increased dryness negatively affects plants, some of them simply can not exist in conditions of low humidity, but the main thing is our health! Dry skin, frequent ARI and ARI, fatigue and lethargy, allergies and even asthma attacks can be consequences of lack of moisture and air purity.

It is necessary to take into account all the nuances in order to understand which humidifier is better and is right for you. Let's take a closer look at the types of air humidifiers, their pros and cons.


The principle of operation of the steam humidifier is based on the evaporation of water by heating it. In fact, this is the usual process of boiling, where water, turning into steam, saturates the air with moisture. The scheme of operation is similar to an electric kettle, only with the difference that the appliance switches off automatically when the water evaporates completely. Some models of moisturizing devices are equipped with special nozzles for inhalation - in this case this steam humidifier can also be used for medical purposes.


  • No need to replace filters and cartridges.
  • The steam is always sterile, humidification is carried out at the expense of purified water.
  • The highest productivity (discharge of liquid up to 700 g / h).
  • Possibility to increase the humidity by more than 60%.


  • The humidity level is not controlled.
  • Consumes a lot of energy.


  • Greenhouses, winter gardens, flower corners and other places where the humidity level is more than 60%.
  • Inhalation, aromatherapy.


The most effective and popular moisturizers, not only because of its quietness and economy, but also thanks to its pleasant design and affordable cost. In such an instrument, water from a special container is fed to a plate that vibrates at an ultrasound frequency. This is how the water is divided into a finely dispersed suspension. The built-in fan blows it outward, where the water suspension is transformed into a vapor state. The moisture released is absolutely safe.

The ultrasonic whole room humidifier performs an accurate humidity control, does not create much noise.

Among the advantages:

  • The built-in hydrostat controls the humidity level. Having reached the set parameters, the device is switched off.
  • There are models with indicators of humidity, dust, odor.
  • Compact size.
  • Low noise level.

Among the shortcomings:

  • It is necessary to replace the filters.


  • By analogy with steam appliances: greenhouses, winter gardens, etc.
  • Antiquarian shops and other rooms where items that require a certain level of humidity are stored.
  • Residential houses and apartments.

In addition to the humidity of the air, the well-being of man is also affected by charged particles, of which air is composed. Positively charged - cations, lead to a decrease in efficiency. And negatively charged - anions, have a beneficial effect on a person. When breathing, the number of cations in the air increases, and the cation is also increased:

  • Working electrical appliances,
  • emissions of waste from plants and factories into the atmosphere.

Ionizers are used to restore the correct particle ratio. To date, you can purchase an air humidifier with an ionizer and thereby improve several indoor air quality indices at once.

Particular attention should be given to the microclimate in the children's room, because that's where your child is most of the time. Choosing a humidifier for children, it is necessary, first of all, proceed from the room's footage. Do not spend money on the device, which is designed for a large room: so you will save not only on the purchase price, but also on energy consumption. For the nursery, the device that best meets your requirements for functionality: "air wash", ultrasonic air humidifier or the simplest traditional humidifier - each of them is good in its own way, and only you decide which one to choose. All humidifiers are designed in accordance with safety requirements, so if properly handled, they will not cause additional trouble.

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