Virtual Prepaid Credit Cards

Cardholders can register for free credit card generator online. When they need to make online purchase, they use 16 digits number, which is randomly created by credit card generator tool. Temporary numbers can be utilized often over and over again at same web based ecommerce website. 

These virtual cc numbers are meant for online buying, however they can also be used to buy over phone and email. But they can’t be used for local stores where ever a plastic card is needed.

This virtual credit or visa card technology has been for many years, however as of consumer supports technology has becoming popular, interest in these disposable credit card numbers is appearing to be increasing day by day, thanks to recent news about credit card frauds and thefts. Major advantage of these fake credit cards tools is to secure the personal info while you are doing a transaction.

A new research found that up to 45 percent of credit cards theft, fraud or cheating victims had no clue how that fraud occurred, however 21 percent says that their cards was stolen off world wide web. No doubt card issuing companies hope that these disposable cards tools can really help to address these issues.

Virtual card generator software are simply another layer of security for protecting identity and card number of online buyers, just like you install a home security unit which help you to protect you from intruders.

How Safe Online Shopping is?

High tech hackers and their stories regarding breaking or hacking into the databases of companies over internet are scattered all over. Though such problems do not happen over and over again, there is always a fear of being bullied by wrong individuals.

As booming online commerce and internet, there is something at stake for these companies that offer credit cards and  are continuously struggling to take people out from these problems and fears. As you expect, firms are working swiftly with newer technology in order to stop such issues to calm fears of their stake holders. And Disposable credit cards are the answers. Private payment assigns a randomly created unique number which can be linked to the actual account of customer. However numbers can only be used on temporary basis to hide customer’s private information. With this disposable card number you can only buy online, so it will not be helpful if you take to your local store where there is a plastic credit card is allowed only.

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