Best Windshield Wipers 2018

The main rules for choosing quality wipers for cars

After replacing the summer wheels with a winter one, what the driver should do when preparing the car for the winter is to take care of the windshield wipers. If they do poorly with their function, an urgent replacement is needed. Otherwise poor visibility in the snow can lead to an accident. But how not to get lost in the huge assortment that the market offers?


Quality wipers should have a uniform texture and color of the tape, the blades should be without scoring and burrs and made of elastic rubber.

Choosing wipers, move them in different directions - it is important that there is no strong backlash. The elastic band should be well attached to the body and should not separate.


Wipers are cheaper than UAH 100 for a set it is better not to buy - they smear dirt on the glass, working with creaking. For more expensive models, the blades fit perfectly to the glass, which allows them to clear glass for 1-2 movements.


Wiper types for the same model may differ

When buying janitors, you need to take into account that parts of the same size are produced in different versions by the type of fastening (the same model of the car of different years of production may differ in the type of fastening of the windscreen wiper): hook, bayonet, side pin, button, top lock and side clamp. It is best to remove the old part before buying a janitor and compare it with what is sold in the store or buy an adapter (50 UAH).

Length: the size of the cleaners can be slightly increased

Most often the car has two windshield wipers, but sometimes they can be three or only one. All of them may differ in length. For example, on the driver's side - 500 mm, the passenger - 450 mm, and the rear window - 300 mm.

If you buy janitors in the market, you can experiment a little (sellers often agree) and choose a slightly longer wiper to increase the cleaning area - the main thing is that they do not cling to each other.Service life: dry friction accelerates wear 5-10 times

Often, the new wipers of the famous manufacturer come into disrepair immediately after installation. The reason, most likely, is that the driver cleaned the glass in the autumn without a washer, and in winter he tried to get rid of the ice with their help - the frictional force increases by 5-10 times. To increase the service life, the wipers need to be washed occasionally in water to rid them of sand and dirt in the grooves.

The janitors serve 400 hours. According to tests of the international club ADAC, after this period of work even expensive janitors lose their efficiency. And cheap make divorces after 100 hours


The wiper blade is attached to the convex surface of the glass due to the system of rocker arms with hinges. At the cheapest models (from 40 UAH), the axis of the hinges for windshield wipers of this design is completely metallic. Such janitors quickly loosen (literally in 2-3 weeks) and then leave on the glass stains. In winter, the metal hinges are heavily frozen.

It is better to choose windshield wipers, in which both axles and bushes are made of plastic (from 150 UAH) - they are less prone to icing, and are easier to clean from ice, and last longer (usually 6 to 9 months). Such hinges provide greater accuracy in connecting the rocker arms, their mobility and stiffness of the carcass in the transverse direction - the blade is better adjacent to the glass.


They are a rubber-plastic case, two thin metal plates are embedded in it, between which a rubber blade is inserted, and it cleans the glass. Since there are no worn hinges at all, then such a windshield wiper serves for several years, and you need to change only the rubber blade (it costs about 50 UAH, while the set of such wipers is 150-300 UAH). Then, according to experience, the plastic case wears out. Another plus of frameless janitors - they do not warp and move on the glass almost noiselessly.

Specific wipers are designed for a specific car (see the packaging): the strips are made with a bend in exact accordance with the curvature of the glass of a particular car. The system of fastening frameless brushes should be suitable for your car.


In such wipers, there is a classic frame with a system of rocker arms and hinges, and a compact plastic body-spoiler. The difference between a hybrid and a classic is in a very low frame height. Wipers of this type have the merits of both wireframe and frameless wipers - the blade is very tightly pressed against the glass, even in a car with a strongly convex profile of the windshield (and the rear window on the versatile cars and hatchbacks). Prices for these wipers start from 400 UAH, but the price is compensated by a long service life and quality of cleaning.

There are also premium versions of janitors - from 800 UAH per set. In them, manufacturers use an insert made of high-density natural rubber, which is 1.5-2 times better than a synthetic analog that withstands the effects of light, moisture and intense friction.


One of the largest automakers recently released an application for iOS-gadgets (iPad, iPhone), which helps select the wiper blades. The program contains almost a full database of cars of all manufacturers and the entire model range of windshield wipers - after selecting the menu of your car, information appears on which windshield wipers suit it. The application also contains video instructions for installing brushes on various cars. The novelty is free and available for download in the App Store.

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