How to submit a free guest post - write for us?

If you are looking to write for us as a guest poster/blogger, then you are at the right place. As we do accept guest posting at though we have some specific rules, that must be followed.

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Our guest posting rules:

  • We do not entertain any posts related to Armed Forces, Casino, Adult, Porn and Drugs.
  • Your content has to be 100% unique (Copyscape passed, and plagiarism passed).
  • Your content has to be based on the latest information about the topic.
  • Content must be written error free. (Grammarly can be helpful)
  • Content quality has to be excellent and easy to read for the readers.
  • Article should deliver useful knowledge and information to the reader.
  • Content must be 500+ words (1500+ words article might have better acceptance possibilities)
  • Always use target="_blank" in the hyperlink.
  • Just one hyperlink is allowed per submission.
  • Proper use of:
    • Headings
    • Sub-headings
    • Bullet points
    • Captions (for images and tables)
    • Quotes (if needed)
    • Highlighted text
    • Related images (noncopyrighted)(Preferably JPG format)
    • Must Compress images before submission (Go to TinyJPG/TinyPNG for image compression)
    • Short sentences and short paragraphs.
    • Author biography. (mandatory)
    • Content should be submitted as a Word Document (properly formatted)
    • If you are adding any information from some other resource, then please DO MENTION resource link in your content.
    • Rewritten content OR autogenerated content will not be accepted at all.

Guest Posting Tips:

  • Visitors usually scan the content before reading it in detail. Therefore, always properly highlight the essential things in your content (as suggested above).
  • If your article has a staggering title, 70% chances are that the reader will further read your submission. Because the first thing that a reader sees is the title of your article/post, if it is sufficiently intriguing and infectious, the reader will be interested to read it further. Keep sentences short. Remove words or descriptions that don’t add value to the content. Additionally, include primary keywords of your article in the title. Best practice is to add your main keyword at the start of the title, in the first 150 words of your article and the last 150 words of your article.
  • Again, consider it as a tip for your writing or a guest posting rule at, that your content has to be top-notch and high quality. Because, such writing is liked by the reader as well as the search engines, which help you rank better and certainly deliver you more sales and promotion globally.
  • Share your submission link (Published link at at your personal social profiles as much as you can, to get better exposure and visibility on social networks. Do not overdo this; otherwise, you may end up in your social profile suspension!


  • If you aren't able to follow any of the criteria mentioned above, your content and your contact details will be permanently blocked at
  • Our editorial team at will review your content, and if it is accepted, you'll receive an email from us regarding the acceptance of your submission. This process can take a few days to a week to complete.
  • All categories are accepted, other than the restricted ones, which we have mentioned above.

Once we have published your submission, you should promote it on social media (recommended) for better exposure. (twitter, facebook, Reddit and other major networks.)

Please fill the following Write for us form:

If you have any question other than submission, please contact us here.